1. Anthropomorphic stele. About 1250 metres above sea
2. Detail of photo 1
3. Anthropomorphic stone, about 1300 metres above sea
4. Anthropomorphic stone with a groove on the right of the photo, about 1700 metres above sea
5. Another anthropomorphic stone with a groove in the upper side is on other stones with smooth sides and right angles, about 1700 metres above sea
6. It seems to see the low and middle part of a statue inside a triangular cavity. In the light of the sunrise.
7. In the center of the photo, it seems to see the inferior part of a statue of a sat person
8. This is a lone stone, there are many human-like figures.
In the west side, toward the camera, there is an engraving with a double line and other faded engravings inside the double line. Over the double line emerges from the stone a sinusoidal and rounded stone with a faded head and a faded right arm, the faded head appears to be not in axle with the body and there is perhaps a lacking part in the upper part of this figure. There is another animal-like head in the upper part of the west side of the stone.
In the north side of the stone there is an human figure vith a large abdomen, two legs and an head we can see in profile. About 2200 metres above sea level.
9. The stone of photo 8 seen by north west
10. The north side of photo 8
11.A detail of the north side of the stone of photo 8. There is a man in the middle of the photo, with a cap, ear, nose, eyes, mouth, beard, thorax, abdomen and two legs.
12. This is the east side of the stone of photo 8, there is an head in the upper part and another in the lower part, seen by profile, they look toward east-south east.
13. Thi is the south side, it seems to see a figure on the left of the stone with a breast and with a head. It is possible to see other heads.
14. An head in the south side is much more visible from south east,

15. In the middle of the photo there is a smooth rounded and tall stone, it is different from the other irregular stone. The shape is symmetrical and more convex on the left side. On the right side, in the superior part, there is an irregularity on the surface and the rock appears dug because of a possible damage.  Val Grande a side valley of Vermenagna valley. About 930 metres above sea level.

16. The superior part of photo 15.

17. The statue of photo 15 from another angle of view.