Smooth stone

1. A smooth painted stone
2. The same picture of photo 1 took from another angle of view
3. In a larg smooth wall there is a carved rounded shape and its upper side has a triangular shape
4. In the smooth stone it is possible to see a figure of a man within light engravings. We can see two legs, abdomen and thorax. The righ shoulder is close to jagged stones, a head is difficut to distinguish.
On the left of this shape there is an engraving similar to a large arm with a large hand, this arm emerges form the jagged stones.
There are blue and light red pigments in the stone wall, but curiously in the figure the pigments are more visible within the engravings.
5. This is the wall on the left of photo 28 in engravings. In the middle to the left of this photo there is a smooth stone with geometrical shape that has in the lower side a prominence of stone.
Inside the smooth stone there are engravings.
6a. In the middle-left side of the smooth stone there is a shape of a man with a hat with two horns, his arms seem to hold an ovoidal object with pipes in the right upper side of the object. His left hand has the fingers on these pipes.
On the left side of the photo it is possible to distinguish the shape of others arms. On the right-middle side of the photo it is possible to distinguish an engraving with two triangular ears and probably a profile of an animal-like head.
6b. Another angle of view of the images in the photo ::::
7. A general view of the mountain