1. There is a hollow dug in the wall. Its shape is similar to an half line egg. A linear groove arises in lower corner of the hollow. There are other hollows with this shape. Above the hollow, on the right, there are rounded little hollow, they may be part of the whole construction. These little rounded hollow are similar to rocky natural formations. the rear wall of the main hollow is perfecly flat and there is blue color on it. There are light red pigment more frequent respect the surrounding environment. There could also be engravings of shapes. The hollow is toward south. About 2000 metres above sea level
2. The hollow of photo 1 with the upper rounded line as an half egg line and the base is as a straight line
3. In the same valley of photo 1 and 2 there are similar hollow with a shape like an half egg. In this photo the larger hollow has the rear wall convex. They are toward south. About 2000 metres above sea level
12. An half “egg” carved cavity, a blue color and some engraving are on a smooth wall
. There is a triangular crevice in the wall and a rounded stone arises from it. This rounded stone has a face of a man looking down toward the entry of the crevice. In the entry there are some roundish or lenghten stones.
The front side stone of the crevice in the right side of the photo is smooth and rounded, then it continue flat and smooth into the crevice and toward another crevice.
In the left side of the crevice there are geometrical engravings.
Beside the apex of the crevice thereare two little hollow dug in the stone.
The entrance of the crevice is toward west. About 1700 meters abovet sea level.
The place of the previuos crevice has other crevices and some smooth stones among jagged rocks.
In the side of the main cavity there is a engraving similar to a man inside a circular engraving. Behind this cavity there is a smaller triangular crevice in the wall with another rounded stone that arises from the wall and it is turned toward the entrance.