1. A face is in the center and in the lower part of the photo. We can see symmetrical dark orbits of the eyes, a rounded forehead, a large nose with the two nostrils. Above the eye in the center of the photo, we can see a “composition” of images, there is an engraving af an arcaic man with a long superior part of the body; in the left upper part of the photo we can see other images of several dig cups aligned. About 1850 metres above sea level.
2. There is another face near that of photo 1. It has around a cleavage, We can see a large forehead, dark orbits and a nose.
3. In the center of the vertical wall of the rock we can see a gentle face inside an oval space of smoothed rock. We can observe a forehead, the orbits with the eyes inside, a nose, a mouth. On the left of the face there are two rounded and smooth figures resembling columns but they are larger in the upper side. About 2300 metres above sea level.
4. A giant face is visible in this side of the cliff. The other side appears damaged or perhaps less carved.
He looks towards two valleys. In one of these valley there is another faces or head which has the name fo “head of the friar” (photo 8 in the section head).
In the upper side of one of this valleys there is the “Lords pass”. A legend tells some Lords were killed by the new owns the place by drowning in the lake of the valley, because old Lords didn’t want to pay the new taxes the new owners pretended. Still there is the sign of old lakes and wet meadows.
5. The same face of the photo 4 from another angle of view is similar to the right side of an head.
On the middle-left side of the photo there are engravings, they are frames in which it is difficul to distinguish shapes, but they are clearly frames.
Two frames have the upper part forming a double line, on the left to these frames there is a more rounded frame with a straightforward base.
All of these frames are within a circle engraving more visibles in its upper and right sides. This larger frame has little panels perpendicular to the frame.
In the middle of the rounded and larger frame there is a little rounded frame with engravings inside. In the right lower part of the larger frame there is a man-like engraving. Here we are in a collateral valley of the Tanaro valley. About 1500 metres above the sea level.