1. It is to around 2100 meters above sea level, between pathways close to the intersection among paths for two near passes and the principal valley.
2. It is in the upper part of a large wood, about 1700 meters above sea level
3. It is out of the upper part of the wood of figure 2, along a path to a pass
4. A small engraving of the figure of a man
5. A sinusoid sign is on a surface of stone made flatter, it is in the same little valley of 4. The sinusoid sign has two little engravings in its left side. About 1950 meters above sea level
6. It seems to see a human body lain down on the right side, with the arms and the legs folded, in the middle towards the left side of the photo. It is in the same little valley of photos 4 and 5, its name is “Masche valley”.
7. An “A” letter
8. Another letter. It’s close to that in the photo 7. About 2000 meters above sea level.
9. The same little valley of photos 4,5,6,7,8. Along and old strategic path, there is a short cut through there, to the next valley. About 2100 meters above sea level
10. This is a rock near an old strategic path (the photo is in that section of the internet site), there are various signs that are difficult to distinguish on the rock surface. In the central part toward the left side of the photo there is an “X” and inside the upper part of the “x” it seems to distinguish a face. There are many other “geometrical” signs like parallel and othogonal lines. It is 2200 meters above sea level.
11. Imprint of a hand. About 1300 meters above sea level
12. An hand?
13. A little cross-shaped sign
14. “A” letter and in the lower part of the photo there is an image of a point
15. Slender lines can be under the musk
16. An engraving of a man inside a circle and with his left leg sideways. Another engraving is in the left upper side of the photo, that is inside another piece of a faded circle surrouning all the engraving About 1450 metres above sea level, near a brook.
17. An engraving of a man inside a single circle is close to that of photo 16
18. Inside a large engraving there are other engraving similar to letters or symbols. They appear partially damaged.
19. There is a large circular engraving carved in the wall. There is a face on the left, a damaged face on the right right and possibly an animal face between the two human faces and inside the large round engraving. An engraving similar to a zig zag is also inside the circle. While I was walking around the wall with the engravings, I saw a three-dimensional effect and the faces were more or less apparent as a prospective-like result.
20. They are the two engravings of the photos 18 and 19.
21. There are other faces we can see walking around the wall of the same mountain of the three previous photo. This one has the eyes open.
22. In the lower part of the wall there is a a deep groove dug in the rock, with some niches.
23. It is a niche dug in the rock.
24. This is a general view of the previous photos from 18 to 23.
There are other smooth structures dug in middle of the left side of the wall in the photo, They seem a rounded pillar-like stone. A pillar-like stone is larger in the upper side.
25. The mountain side with the pillar-like stones from another angle of view. They appear flat in their rear side.
26. Another circular engraving is the upper wall along the same mountain of the previous photos from 18.
27. In the right of the photo there is a circular engraving with a figure similar to a man with arms and legs sideways.
On the middle and left side of the photo there are images similar to profile of faces.
28. The right side of the mountain of photo 27. There are some faces.
It is possible to see three face one inside another in the centre of the photo, the larger is in the upper, they are in continuity. It is very interesting walking in front of this wall because the faces change in their aspects during the movement and it is possible to see better one or another face dependeing on the angle of view.
The photos are taken from the near opposite mountain wall walking from low to hight and from one side to the other. These two mountain wall are the upper side of a valley in which there are other interesting stones and has he noun of “Masche valley”. Masche is a noun in the local idioma that may have the meaning of witch or also spirit.